Unguided Auger Boring

We offer two distinct types of unguided auger boring; the traditional type operated from conventional launch pits or shafts and a new method for installing new connections from within existing pipes.

Traditional unguided auger boring, or longboring, is a method of installing new pipelines into virgin ground. It is usually driven from an excavation pit to a finish point which could be a pit, manhole, shaft or open end. This technique involves creating a blinded base in a pit to an accurate line and level, and setting up the augerboring rig on this base. Steel auger flights, which are contained within a steel pipe are then rotated and pushed into the ground. As the auger progresses forwards, the earth is screwed back to the launch pit and removed. The augers continue forwards, until they reach the reception point, where they are removed.

Traditional unguided augerboring offers the following benefits:

  • Pipe lengths of 300 metres can be installed in one shot, subject to pipe diameter and ground conditions
  • Pipe diameters of 150mm to 1200mm can be installed
  • Depending on ground conditions, installation rates of up to 5 metres per hour can be achieved

Other auger boring areas: