Trenchless Pipe Installation

We install trenchless sewers, pipelines and cable ducts using the latest trenchless technology as well as more traditional methods. We offer a range of pipe installation techniques.

Auger Boring

Auger Boring

Laser guided auger boring is the perfect solution for pipe installations needing maximum accuracy and restricted access. Unguided augerboring is a lower cost solution where space is available and accuracy is less important.


Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling

We specialise in large diameter directional drilling projects up to 1000mm diameter. Our environmental standards are the highest in the industry.


Pipe Jacking


Our power hydraulic jacks push well designed pipes through the ground behind a sheild. Whilst the pipe is pushed through the earth; excavation takes place within the sheild.


Shaft Sinking

Shaft sinking

We offer a comprehensive shaft sinking service, ranging from standard timber and sheet piled shafts to concrete ring and segmental shafts and underwater concrete construction.


Timber Headings


We use this traditional method of trenchless sewer connection and rehabilitation in locations such as city centres and manufacturing plants where surface operations cannot be disrupted.