Manhole Bursting

Our Manhole Burster was borne from our R&D facility, together with drivers from our clients to provide a more traditional rod-pull pipe bursting system that would work from within existing manholes, cutting out the need for launch and reception pits. We applied the basic design of our standard rod-pullers, and created a new system that was portable, collapsible and easy to install and operate.

Essentially, the system works on the basics of our standard 12t, 40t and 60t rod pullers, but the base machine can be broken down into its four main individual components, thus allowing the machine to be inserted through the cover of a standard manhole and assembled in the manhole's base. When used in conjunction with our Snapit pipe, the whole operation can be managed from within existing chambers, reducing the environmental disruption, cost of excavations, backfill and reinstatement and programme time.