Environmental Standards

We firmly believe in engineering technology that delivers real advantages for our customers. We avoid the space requirements and disruption caused by open cut methods, which means:

  • Fewer traffic hold ups
  • Less pollution and disturbance on the surface
  • Significantly reduced volumes to landfill
  • Decreased demand for newly quarried materials


The use of guided auger boring has moved to the forefront of environmentally acceptable techniques. As Perco's systems can be operated from small shafts, and can install pipes to remote reception points, it has never been easier to offer cost-effective solutions to a problem, whilst meeting the stringent environmental specifications demanded by our clients.


Pipe Bursting

For many years Perco have employed the pipe bursting technique as an environmentally friendly method of pipe replacement. Regardless of the type of bursting mechanism employed (ExpanditMiniburstRod pullingManhole Bursting etc.) the emphasis remains firmly on the provision of pipes with the minimum disruption.


Horizontal Directional drilling

Our directional drilling division uses mud recycling to reduce the amounts of slurry to be taken from the drilling site to landfill. Perco's MCM-2000 Drill Fluid Cleaning System separates solids from the drill fluids.

  • Solids can be re-used onsite or taken to conventional landfill sites for disposal
  • Drill fluids are cleaned and can be reused again and again throughout the drilling process

We are trialling biodegradable drilling fluids used in the directional drilling process. They allow any unseparated solids to settle out of the fluids for disposal in conventional landfill sites and for the liquid to be sent for water treatment.